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I love watercolours c:

My Bro: :iconchopfe:
Astrology Series - Taurus by feiyan
Goatbusters Stamp by Kezzi-Rose I Talk to Myself Stamp by Latias-Flyer
Current Residence: Canada
Favourite Artist: Mary Blair
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: Ipod Third Generation
Skin of choice: Chicken skins
Favourite cartoon character: Aquaman

I'm not sleepy tired, but tired of something else: My Homestuck Trolls picture >:I

its not that I hate it, I don't, I worked hard on it, but it seems that that's all people favourite nowadays, and im tired of it. It symbolizes a part of me that I have grown away from; I don't read Homestuck anymore, but that doesn't mean I am still not involved with people who do, if they love it, good for them c: I just have grown weary of countless days where I will have no feedback messages, then I will get 4, become excited, only to realize that they were just favourites for the homestuck pic. This bothers me, because I don't think that people actually take the time to look at the other art (be it very little) and see that I have grown, I think, as an artist and as a person in general. People don't see the hard work and dedication artists put into non-fanart pieces, they just see the fanart. too many times have I seen artists get hate because they are leaving a fandom, and don't draw pictures involving a fandom anymore, it irks me, that people don't realize that some artists have intrests outside fandoms. Im not saying the homestuck fandom is like this, at least not the ones I've encountered, but that's not saying there aren't people like this. I don't draw or paint to become famous, that's not me, but people constantly tell me I have to get my art out because im "good at it" :I I don't like drawing fanart because: 1. im not good at drawing other characters in my style, and 2. its just not for me. I don't want to get recognized too fast, because I kinda like being off radar. I think it makes for a pleasant surprise when people do find me, even if its just through :iconchopfe: c: because i'll always be known as "Clint's lil sis" when first addressed~

Back to Homestuck. I wanted to try and store the picture somewhere in my gallery, but it doesn't seem to want to :I its not like I WANT to delete it, but if this gets out of control, I will. I've left a comment in the description saying "oh maybe look at my other art or some shit because im not all about homestuck I have decent ideas" or some shit like that, but it seems that people don't even read the descriptions anymore, and that makes me sad. its always the first thing I read, even if I don't necessarily comment (oops :I ) people favouriting my art makes me happy c: like, people actually took time to look at MY art. But then why does it bother me so much when its the Homestuck troll pic, because I DO have two other quick homestuck-y pics up in the folders somewhere~

If I do decide to delete it, then that's what I'll do, because I'm simply tired of excitement, then slight disappointment.

(also I realize that I haven't uploaded anything in a coon's age, I'm sorry :c im in kind of a rut, I have sketches, oodles of them. but I just haven't painted in so long. I hate that about me~ rest assured im not dead, but I really should get some art up, because maybe it will help me out. I just don't have time anymore :c )

EDIT: On this day of the 1st of February, I have decided to delete Homestuck Trolls from my gallery. After checking my messages, two of them were favourites to it, but surprisingly someone had faved On The Train, so that made me happy c: Enough is enough, im tired of this. Sorry, but sadly, not sorry~

  • Mood: Shitty
  • Listening to: Daft Punk
  • Watching: Game Grumps (still) :I
  • Playing: Katamari Damacy
  • Eating: Pizza pops
  • Drinking: milk

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Fouxed Oct 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I tagged you in a journal
RebeccaArtHeart Jul 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your art is fantastic!
Love your stuff! <3
Stay awesome~
preethi524 May 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:hug: Thank u sooo much for the fav :squee: Much appreciated!
AliCat-Ska May 12, 2013
Happy birthday! Hope it was a great one! :)
thanks c: it was!
AliCat-Ska May 17, 2013
Glad to hear! :)
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